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Q. Can I get less than an order of 250 (200 Silk/Spot UV)?
A. 250 cards and 200 cards for Silk Lamination and Spot UV are the minimum orders. For prices, choose the desired quantity online from  the item’s drop-down box. For other quantities and printing configurations please send us an email.

Q. Can I have my badge number on the badge?
A. Yes, application is subject to the badge’s individual design.

Q. How long should it take to get my order?
A. Most orders are typically produced within 3-10 workdays. All orders are sent standard UPS Ground or FedEx Ground. Faster shipping methods are available upon request. We are not responsible for lost orders outside our control.

Q. If my order is lost in the mail or by a delivery service will you reprint my order at no cost to me?
A. We are not responsible for lost or missing orders by any carrier.

Q. Why does my second order look lighter or darker than my first order?
A. The printing industry has a set of standards which are deemed acceptable universally throughout the printing community. We adhere to those standards however, each printing press and each run of paper has its own characteristics and can vary slightly from one order to another. Our quality control department inspects orders before shipping and during the runs to insure that we stay within standards but there is no guarantee that the order you placed six months ago will be printed on the same run of paper stock and on the same press so you may see some variance in the ink either being a little lighter or a little darker.

Q.How do I email Kraken Design?